Two minutes with Florence Nightingale
Facebook followers imagine sitting down with a legend
We asked, you responded! From rising healthcare costs and staffing to patient advocacy, the topics discussed when we asked our readers what they would chat about with Florence Nightingale prove the Lady with the Lamp remains continues to influence modern-day nursing.
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to the question, “You get two minutes to talk with Florence Nightingale. What do you ask?”
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Your heroic efforts, unwavering commitment, compassion, and selfless acts of caring and kindness, while caring for our patients especially during our current pandemic crisis is greatly appreciated and respected. You are truly my heroes! I thank you all, we are forever grateful.
Marie Mulligan, PhD, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC CNO VP for Nursing
“How do we serve best as advocates for patients?”
— Linda Tieman
“How do we inspire this generation of new nurses?”
— Sandy Pitre
"So, how long was your day? Did you always do what the doctor said? Did the doctors ever thank you?”
— Chrisy Crawford
“Why did you do this? I mean what REALLY motivated you?”
— Sharon Mott
“Why do we have to work so short staffed?”
— Marie Kitch
“I wouldn’t be asking, I’d be telling her stuff.”
— Jen Sorensen
“Would you be proud of us now? I think not. Process over product, efficiency over empathy.”
— Cindy Sullivan
“How did you do it?”
— Billie White Cox
“How can we nurses be advocates of your theory today?”
— Margherite Caracappa Matteis
“How to be a good nurse.”
— Rumi Elmalika Gisela Suandara
“Where do we go from here?”
— Sharon Smith
“Why white for nurses? Wouldn't wearing brown be a lot more practical?”
— Janice Silver
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