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Add fun to your self-care plan
Your favorite activities can provide the relaxation you need
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Editor’s note:
List provided by Eileen Williamson, MSN, RN, nurse consultant.
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Nurses are often short on free time; even their off-work hours can be spent thinking about work. Having fun or relaxing may seem like a luxury they can’t afford. But the fact is, making time to decompress and de-stress can put nurses in a better state of mind when they are at work. Here are some ways nurses can enjoy their down time without spending a lot or traveling too far.
Call your best friend and make plans for a night out.
Spend a day in bed with TV and magazines (don't answer the phone!).
Go to a pet store to play with puppies and kittens. 
Pay a visit to a relative who inspires you — and maybe cooks for you! 
Buy “Thinking of you” cards and mail them to friends and family. 
Watch a favorite old movie or romantic comedy.
Go to a yard sale and buy something that catches your eye, even though you may never actually use it. 
Buy a new pocketbook or a pair of shoes you don't need (aka “retail therapy”).
Download a solitaire game to play on your phone.
Go to a movie and treat yourself to popcorn (go light on the butter!). 
Spend some quiet time going through old family photos.
Go to a fancy spa to get a manicure and pedicure (yes, men, you too!).
Make a list of vacations you want to go on and start planning them.