Our nurses share key nursing moments
Reach out and grab those stars during National Nurses Week
By Janice Petrella Lynch, MSN, RN
EDITOR'S NOTE: Quotes compiled by Janice Petrella Lynch, MSN, RN, former nurse editor/nurse executive who now is director of the help and resource center at the Marfan Foundation.
Our National Nurses Week resource guide is our yearly tribute to nurses, in which we salute you for your service to patients, families and your communities.
Nurses are the most trusted professionals for a reason. You provide a service that is unlike any other; one that is based on the premise that every individual deserves quality, compassionate care. You put aside your personal struggles and beliefs to provide this care or to teach or mentor others to do so.
We also are proud to recognize our OnCourse Learning RNs, who are integral in our efforts to educate, serve and support you. They share their pivotal moments in their nursing journeys and encourage you to pursue your dreams.
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"Twenty-four years ago, I was finishing my PhD and looking for a job, not wanting to return to administration at one of the world’s greatest hospitals. I was fortunate to have worked in five of them. I received a call about an interview for the first Philadelphia editor of a new magazine. However, I was not an editor and the job came with a 40% cut in salary and more than an hour’s commute. Several acquisitions later, I am still with the company with a fine salary and a great career. The magazine was Nursing Spectrum, which is now Nurse.com."
— Robert G. Hess, Jr., PhD, RN, FAAN, Executive Vice President, Chief Clinical Executive, Healthcare
"When I was taking courses during my RN to BSN program, I started thinking I wanted to become a nurse practitioner. However as the year unfolded, I reflected on what really interested me. I realized I was passionate about leadership, business and healthcare systems. So, I took a leap of faith and pursued that route in my education, obtaining my MBA and a PhD in nursing and majoring in healthcare systems. In thinking about this point in my life, I am thankful that I took the time to pause and reflect on my career choices. I have learned to pause more often in making professional decisions. Life is too short to not enjoy what you do for a living."
— Jennifer Mensik, PhD, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, Vice President, CE Programming
"I graduated from college with a degree in English literature and pursued a career in journalism. I supplemented my income by working as a hospital EKG technician, and there I became interested in nursing. Studying nursing at the University of California, San Francisco, reaffirmed that I had chosen the right profession. But I continued to pursue my love of journalism. During nursing school, I wrote articles for the medical center’s newspaper, and after practicing for a number of years in women’s health, I became a freelance writer for NurseWeek, our west coast magazine. When I was offered a position as the CE editor at NurseWeek, I decided to take the job. NurseWeek later became a part of Nurse.com, and for the past 22 years, I’ve enjoyed this tremendous opportunity, allowing me to combine my career interests — nursing and publishing."
— Nan Callender-Price, MA, RN, Clinical Nursing Editorial Director, Healthcare
"When deciding to change specialties or further your education, you may find yourself at a crossroads. Do you take a leap or do you continue to stay with what you already know? Choosing opportunities that expand your knowledge is usually a good idea. It helps you to decide whether you want to expand the breadth of what you know or whether you want to dive deeply in pursuit of focused specialty knowledge. When I decided to pursue post-anesthesia nursing, I decided to follow the path of diving deeply. Eventually this led to educational opportunities, i.e., graduate school. It’s best to expand your nursing knowledge in what you feel passionate about. Then you will stay motivated to continue to grow and thrive in nursing."
— Maria Morales, MSN, RN, CPAN, Director, CNE Programs, Healthcare
"I have been a nurse for more than 25 years and have loved every minute of my nursing career. I have worked in three different countries and in more than five nursing specialties, and each position has offered me unique insights and meaningful experiences. Now I am involved in the education and professional development of nurses. Early in my career in nursing professional development, a nurse leader, who was an outstanding preceptor and role model, supported and encouraged my personal and professional growth. She encouraged me to complete a master’s degree and become certified in NPD, which has opened many career choices for me. I will always remember her dedication and leadership, and I hope I can inspire others to further their education and broaden their career opportunities."
— Nadine Salmon, MSN, BSN, RN-BC, IBCLC, Clinical Director, CE Programs, Healthcare
"National Nurses Week is a great time to celebrate nurses everywhere. And it’s time to reflect on where we are and where we would like to be in our professional lives. Be a goal setter and then a goal getter. You are your own biggest fan, so do your best to market yourself clearly and concisely knowing what you want to do and where you want to be. Be confident and don’t be afraid to let your self-worth shine. Create a vision board that shows how you feel about your aspirations and also how you want to feel after achieving your goals. Attitude is everything. Let’s recognize and celebrate our talents and strengths and use them wherever we are and in whatever we do."
— Lynne Schaefer, RN, Customer Care Advocacy, Healthcare
"I began my career as a med/surg nurse, where I worked with some of the most talented individuals. We worked hard, enjoyed each other’s company and learned so much together. After several years I decided to pursue an advanced degree, and it was great being with brilliant nurses focused on the next step in their professional careers. In recent years, I have chosen to become a servant leader and have spent my free time volunteering and giving back to the community that has given me so much. I have learned the more I give, the more blessings I receive. I encourage every nurse to pay it forward and you will be grateful you have helped those in need. Always look forward to a new day with new opportunities."
— Daniel Suarez, MA, RN, Business Development Manager, Healthcare
Dorothy Angelini, MSN, RN Executive Director, CE Accreditations and Approvals
Michael Burns, RN Sales Manager
Phyllis Class, RN Executive Director, Allied Health CE
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