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Whether hunting for a job, seeking a promotion, or pursuing higher education, networking is one of the most important career-building tools for any professional, including nursing. This educational activity will provide guidance on networking for career advancement.
Networking for Career Advancement
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Empowering Your Career: Connect Characteristics and Traits with Specialty
Are you trying to decide which specialty to pursue, how to begin your professional nursing career, or how to make a change to an existing career? Learn about how you can make your personality characteristics work for you by considering correlated nursing specialties and environments you might enjoy more than others.
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Novice to Expert: Through the Stages to Success in Nursing
Competency in a rapidly changing healthcare environment remains a key component of excellent nursing care. This module addresses how expertise develops from novice to expert and the importance of supporting one another with this challenging journey, including Patricia Benner’s five stages of moving from novice to expert.
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Passion Meets Preparation: Delineating Terminal Degrees for a Fruitful Pursuit
A key element of the Future of Nursing Report focuses on the need to double the number of doctorate-prepared nurses by 2020. This activity provides information on three terminal degrees — PhD, DNP, and EdD — in terms of typical scope, purpose, and career progression.
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Social Media: Give Your Career a Boost
Social media can be a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family.  Learn how to use social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to boost your careers and also tips to avoid social network “career busters” and compares sample sites to help choose the site that best meets your needs.
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