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Continuing education to boost your nursing degree
This 1.5 course provides nurses with an update on the response to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), formerly the Institute of Medicine’s, recommendations for the future of nursing, describing the progress toward the eight recommendations for transforming nursing practice and the ways nurses can be part of moving the future of nursing forward.
The Future of Nursing Report: What We’ve Achieved So Far
Passion Meets Preparation: Delineating Terminal Degrees for a Fruitful Pursuit 
A key element of the Future of Nursing (FON) Report focuses on the need to double the number of doctorate-prepared nurses by 2020. This activity provides information on three terminal degrees relevant to nursing practice, PhD, DNP, and EdD, in terms of typical scope, purpose, and career progression.
Changing Specialties in Three Easy Steps
For nurses who are considering changing their specialty, this module provides an overview on making a transition from one nursing specialty to another. It identifies the steps to manage a specialty change, research the new potential specialty and prepare to make the career change.
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Novice to Expert: Through the Stages of Success in Nursing
Competency in a rapidly changing healthcare environment remains a key component of excellent nursing care. This module addresses how expertise develops from novice to expert and the importance of supporting one another with this challenging journey, including Patricia Benner’s five stages of moving from novice to expert.
RN to BSN: Aligning Your Personality Characteristics with Your Career Goals
With the recommendation that 80% of nurses hold a bachelor’s degree by 2020, many RN’s may be considering advancing their education. Have you considered what areas within nursing you might like to explore?  An analysis of research and individual personality characteristics may help you align your goals within nursing areas you might enjoy the most.
Looking Toward the Future: Nursing Roles Across the Continuum
Looking for a position outside of the traditional acute care setting? Nursing is filled with so many opportunities one can never get bored. However, there are many possibilities when looking at everything across a continuum. Learn about different settings and how you can transition successfully from one setting to another. 
Advanced Practice Nurses: Educational Pathways for the APRN Role
The call to higher education is well supported by several influential organizations.This module provides an overview of the advanced degrees for nursing graduate education and focuses on seeking higher education for the clinical role of the advanced practice registered nurse as a nurse practitioner.
Earning Degrees By Distance Education
Advancing in the nursing profession, and even maintaining a current position may require a return to academic education. Balancing work, family, and traditional classes may seem like an impossible burden. These factors make distance education a viable, desirable alternative. This CE activity provides nurses with information about obtaining academic credentials through distance learning.
The Institute of Medicine calls for all nurses to have bachelor’s degrees by 2020, and our nation is in the midst of a significant nursing and nurse educator shortage. The lack of qualified nursing faculty is a major factor in today’s nursing shortage. Many qualified applicants to nursing schools are turned away each year. Nurses need to be aware of the scope of this issue to help solve it.
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