Make Higher Education Work for You
“Nursing was my passion, so I wanted the MSN degree. But I wanted to combine this with an MBA to understand the financial side of the business, like balance sheets and how to set up a budget.”
- Michelle Metzger, RN
Is MSN or MBA the best choice?
Nurses explore their passions when deciding which master's degree to pursue.
Control rising student loan debt
Nurses have options for reducing — even eliminating — student loan debt.
"Everybody desperately needs more nurses, and loan forgiveness is one of the ways that they're attracting them."
- Tim Lavelle
Tech, new programs change education
Read about challenges teachers face in preparing students for the nursing world in this free CE.
From using technology to designing collaborative learning experiences that focus on real world issues, educators aim to ensure that their students remain engaged.
Find out what users are sharing. Make a difference. Become part of the conversation.
Pick the most strategic route to your BSN, master's or doctorate nursing degree
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