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EDITOR'S NOTE: Robert G. Hess Jr., PhD, RN, FAAN, is OnCourse Learning's executive vice president and chief clinical executive, and founder and CEO of the Forum for Shared Governance. As an editor for Nurse.com, Hess has penned several editorials on career topics. As a presenter at professional conferences, Hess often addresses participants on how to find the right job and steps for building a successful career.
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I can testify that my dad had a seamless hospital experience, marked by a world-class nursing staff that was ranked as a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center."
— Robert G. Hess Jr., RN
By Robert G. Hess Jr.
PhD, RN, FAAN Executive vice president and chief clinical executive
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Every year, I am fortunate enough to attend the ANCC National Magnet Conference. The event is attended by professionals from Magnet hospitals, which make up only about 8% of all U.S. hospitals, as well as those facilities who are aspiring to achieve Magnet. This year the event takes place from Oct. 26-28 in Denver, and you can be sure I’ll be there. The conference is a high point for me because I get to meet people with whom I interact all year long through my job with Nurse.com and through my founding role with the Forum for Shared Governance. You see, many of the folks who believe in the concepts of shared governance are often the same people who work at Magnet facilities. This conference represents a unique opportunity for staff, middle managers and executives to come together on equal footing to pursue and achieve excellence. My family and I can attest to that excellence. Thanks to the folks at the Magnet hospitals AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City, N.J., and at Abington Hospital, Jefferson Health, Abington, Pa., my dad lived many more years to root for the Philadelphia Eagles, and my father-in-law was able to continue his own world-class status as a birder. Many of us and our families will need a hospital in our future. When evaluating those organizations in our neighborhood, we might have a choice. I know that I do, and I will ask to be taken right to the nearest Magnet facility.
Three days before my dad’s death-defying admission to a Magnet® hospital, I was standing on a platform, handing out awards to physicians who had been chosen as “best docs” by nurses in their facilities.
I joked with one chief nurse and her best doc, a hospitalist, that I hoped they’d keep their facility in tiptop shape in case my parents, who at the time had a condo on the nearby New Jersey shore, ever needed it. How ironic that a few days later I would be in their hospital, thanking that hospitalist and praising the nursing staff for saving my dad’s life. I can testify that my dad had a seamless hospital experience, marked by a world-class nursing staff that was ranked as a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Throughout a long weekend, those nurses kept my family involved with dad’s progress through flexible visiting hours, countless phone calls and e-mails — even in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, my father-in-law had his own close encounter with death at another Magnet hospital where he struggled with a left ventricle perfused by a mostly clogged coronary artery. He too stumbled through days of chancy survival amongst a whirlwind of healthcare providers as he laid near death in a critical care unit. Fortunately, with the help of a different team of world-class Magnet nurses, he made it.

Do you think I see value in the ANCC's Magnet Recognition Program®? You bet I do.
We analyze the value Magnet facilities carry the burden of doing these great things every day through countless encounters. It’s a heady status and provides plenty of material for the editorial staff at Nurse.com to explore.

In this digital edition, we weigh the pros and cons for pursuing and maintaining Magnet designation. We examine the accreditation process and journey, and how it stipulates educational requirements for the organization’s nurses. We feature the amazing work of nurses at Houston Magnet hospitals during Hurricane Harvey. We also examine the benefits of Magnet in terms of improved patient outcomes. Finally, we hear testimonials from nurses and hospital executives on what the Magnet program has meant to them.

Understand Magnet nursing
Interim director discusses past and future of the Magnet program.
Magnet hospitals - nurse giving thumbs up sign
The Magnet difference
Experts discuss some of the unique characteristics of Magnet hospitals.
Find your Magnet hospital
A breakdown by state of all the Magnet hospitals in the U.S.
Magnet has global appeal
Hospitals in other countries are seeking Magnet recognition.
Frontline nurses take the lead
Nurses are taking on leadership roles as Magnet Champions.
Free CE: From Novice to expert
Build your expertise by adding to your skills and experience.
Magnet can be a lifesaver
Read first-hand account of how Magnet hospitals saves lives.
Seeking Magnet: Pros and cons
A look at some of the benefits and costs of pursuing Magnet status.
Improve patient care
Research suggests Magnet status can improve patient outcomes.
Hurricane Harvey - Woman standing in floodwaters
Nurses battle Hurricane Harvey
Nurses at Magnet hospitals in Houston stepped up during crisis.
Achieve accreditation
Key steps hospitals can take to help them in the Magnet process.
Lifelong learning in nursing
Magnet program places a strong emphasis on continuing education.
continuing education catalog
Continuing education catalog
A look at courses that can help nurses on the Magnet journey.
APRNs and Magnet nursing
Magnet status can elevate nurse educational standards.
When you get the Magnet call
Read testimonial from CNO of one of the newest Magnet hospitals.
What being Magnet means
Learn about the continuing journey of the nation's first Magnet hospital.
Magnet hospitals - Woman holding arm in the air
Achieve nursing excellence
Read stories of recent Magnet Nurses of the Year winners.
It takes a special leader
Find out how transformational leadership leads to satisfaction.
RNs gain support
The Magnet culture dictates fitting education into nurses' routine.
IOM goals are top of mind
Magnet supports education targets for 2020.
RNs are at the helm
Transformational leadership plays big role in Magnet process.
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