nursing ethics
Live by the code
Do your research on ethics and you will 'do no harm'.
nursing ethics
Helm an ethics team
Successfully lead an ethics committee with the right tools.
nursing ethics
An intense experience for RNs
Care decisions are complicated when it comes to terminally ill kids.
nursing ethics
Address your moral distress
Liaisons support nurses who need to air ethical concerns.
nursing ethics
LGBTQ care up close
The LGBTQ community has special needs requiring special care.
nursing ethics
BSN in 10 changes things
The New York law raises education requirement for RNs.
nursing ethics
There's power in a hug
Babies need to be touched and held in order for them to thrive.
nursing ethics
The ethics of advocacy
Nurses can be forces of change outside of their workplaces.
nursing ethics
When the end of life is near
Patients need nurses more than ever in their final days.
nursing ethics
Call out unsafe practices
Speaking out against a colleague is intimidating, but necessary.
nursing ethics
8 key assumptions
Leaders draft a blueprint that prioritizes nursing ethics.
nursing ethics
Make every day count
A nurse helps a dying patient spend more time with his young daughter.
CE catalog
Learn important ethics lessons by taking these education modules.
nursing ethics
Keep it confidential
Community RNs must follow confidentiality and privacy policies.
nursing ethics
Know the code
Prepare for patient care challenges by learning the Code of Ethics.
nursing ethics
Who's your go-to person?
RNs share whom they turn to when faced with an ethical dilemma.
nursing ethics
How to make ethical decisions
Patient care decisions start with knowing what the patient wants.
nursing ethics
Choose your words wisely
Medical staff taped comments land them in hot water.
nursing ethics
Protect whistleblowers
Whistleblowers can face repercussions without protection.
nursing ethics
FREE CE: Gene testing
Patients can get gene testing kits on the web. But should they?
nursing ethics
A beautiful death
Treat patients as you would want a family member treated at the end.
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Live by the code
Do your research on ethics and you will ‘do no harm’
Welcome to the Ethics Digital Edition! Our series of online digital resources is designed to engage and inform nurses working in all specialties and practice areas on topics we know are important to you. If you are interested in what’s trending on the job and career fronts or in clinical nursing, education or healthcare policy, you'll find what you need in our convenient digital magazines designed to be helpful to you this year and beyond.
In this edition, we focus on ethics because from that early and direct, “Do no harm” caveat from Florence Nightingale, professional nursing has been built on a strong base of moral principles, behavioral standards and dictates of conscience. Ethics has always been at the heart of nursing’s values and an intrinsic part of who we are and what we do.
The American public voted
nursing No. 1
among more than 20 professions surveyed in the annual Gallup honesty/ethics poll for 17 straight
. We should all be proud of that achievement. But nurses face difficult questions and ethical dilemmas all the time. We deal with privacy and confidentiality concerns; informed patient and surrogate consent questions; healthcare proxy and advanced care directive decisions; artificial life support conflicts; and so much more.

Ethics in nursing is always a trending topic, and nurses need information from expert sources to help them care for their patients and families. Each page of this digital resource will provide you with the knowledge you need.
Eileen Williamson, MSN, RN
, is the former senior vice president and chief nurse executive at OnCourse Learning. Williamson continues to write for and serve in an advisory role.

You’ll get tips on the successful development of a nurse-led ethics committee and you'll read about ways your colleagues are dealing with moral distress and other ethical challenges in the workplace. You'll also read expert blogs, continuing education modules on gene testing kits and human trafficking and much more. We are proud that for three decades nurses have looked to as their No. 1 source for nursing education and information, and the digital editions will bring you more of that. You’ll turn to them again and again for facts, updates, how-to articles, tips and advice from nursing and healthcare experts. Each edition will offer information that will help you keep your practice current and move your education and career forward.
We hope you enjoy this resource and the others that will follow throughout the year. Please continue to share your feedback. We love hearing from you.
Ethics has always been at the heart of nursing’s values and an intrinsic part of who we are and what we do.”
— Eileen Williamson, RN
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nursing ethics
By Eileen P. Williamson
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