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The State of the Nursing Workforce: Millennials
What does the nursing workforce look like today? The demographics are changing as baby boomers begin to retire and the number of millennials have doubled in the workforce. With a drive to make a difference, be understood, and thrive, millennials generally have certain aspirations for professional development and influencing their environment.
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Bridging the Generation Gaps
People born around the same time develop attitudes and personalities shaped by a common history of cultural events, images, and experiences. Understanding each generation’s views promotes collaboration in the workplace. It can make the difference between miscommunication and success.
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Emotional Intelligence Helps RNs Work Smart
Emotional intelligence is a relatively new concept in nursing; initial research studies indicate that EI is an important part of successful nursing practice. This module will discuss the concept of EI, describe how it can help nurses enhance their work lives and provide strategies for developing one’s own EI.
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Succession Planning in Nursing: Who Are Tomorrow’s Leaders?
As a necessary business strategy, succession planning helps to ensure a pool of qualified internal candidates. Succession planning encompasses the focused, formal assessment and development of individuals for future positions in leadership.
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Teaching Tomorrow’s Nurses
Integrating new knowledge into the curriculum, using technology to enhance learning and preparing nurses to be lifelong learners offer educators opportunities to influence nursing’s future. This module discusses the innovative teaching strategies nurse educators are using to meet these challenges.
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Interprofessional Education and Teamwork
Research shows that interprofessional collaboration improves quality of care. The IP approach is important for the classroom, the clinical environment and healthcare consumers and patients. This webinar will help you to recognize, explain, and/or implement IP collaboration.
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Thinking Interprofessionally
Interprofessional healthcare is here; are you ready to be part of it? It takes a team of healthcare professionals to provide quality, comprehensive care, and we need to think as a team to provide value-based, comprehensive care. Remove barriers to collaboration and transform your thinking into an IP mindset with real-life examples of successful collaborative healthcare.
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Future of Nursing Report: What We’ve Achieved So Far
Nurses have a vital role in improving the quality, accessibility, and healthcare across the continuum of care. Nurses serving in primary care roles can expand access to care, educate people about health risks, promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors to prevent disease. This module showcases how nurses can lead change and advance health.
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Looking Toward the Future: Nursing Roles Across the Continuum
Looking for a position outside of the traditional acute care setting? Nursing is filled with so many opportunities one can never get bored! However, there are many possibilities when looking at everything across a continuum. Learn about different settings and how you can transition successfully from one setting to another.
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Spread Your Wings: RNs Have What It Takes to Be Effective Leaders
Nurses who provide direct patient care services can significantly influence the restructuring of healthcare delivery. This course provides an overview about trends in the healthcare industry, discusses skills nurses can learn to influence change and challenges every nurse to become a strong leader and a supportive follower.
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