Evidence-Based Practice Guide
EBP is an organized and structured process, which requires finding, appraising and synthesizing the body of evidence related to the topic, so a practice decision can be made.
Get to the root of it
Learn the basics of evidence-based practice and then find your own project.
Follow the evidence
Grasp the strategies and thought processes behind EBP from concept to execution.
The nursing profession has sometimes been reluctant to change practice even in light of research that challenges the traditional way of doing things. But times have changed dramatically.
Protect them from pain
Nurses are determined to find the best tools to reduce pain when children are the patients.
Amazingly, almost a quarter of the parents expected their children to not have any pain.
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More inside this guide
Use research to upgrade your patient care
Grow with us!
Get to the root of it
Master the basics of EBP and learn how to start your own project.
Research seeds practice
Turn a patient care idea into evidence-based practice by starting with solid research.
Fuel career satisfaction
Rejuvenate your career with new evidence that transforms old practices.
EBP blasts make an impact
A nurse who manages six clinics successfully expands healthcare access and relieve congestion.
CE Catalog
Boost your knowledge of evidence-based practice processes in various settings with these education offerings.
Self-care is a safety issue
Nurses who work nights or rotating shifts can suffer from sleep deprivation, which negatively impact their health and puts patients at risk.
Create a dream team
Interprofessional collaboration and care has the potential improve outcomes and processes.
Follow the evidence
You know EBP is important; now grasp the strategies and thought processes behind it by taking this CE module.
Pregame practice for students
Nursing students are being taught the importance of providing high-quality care that’s supported by evidence.
TeamSTEPPS improves communication
TeamSTEPPS was created as a nursing strategy to improve patient safety. Learn how the model took shape.
Elevate your care
Learn why evidence-based practice is a must when it comes to quality patient care.
Hold the power for change
Bedside nurses have the ability to make significant practice changes in the workplace.
Making the grade
Use your critical thinking skills to continue to reevaluate evidence and adjust EBP, if necessary.
Protect them from pain
Age-appropriate EBP helped nurses reduce pain levels in their young patients.
The journey continues
Nurse leaders have the difficult task of increasing participationin EBP, but they know it’s worth the effort.
An unacceptable risk
Perioperative nurses are striving to decrease the risk of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.
Training days
Managing the healthcare of specific patient populations using EBP to drive clinical decision making has become a necessity.
Patient care gets revamped
Cancer center uses evidence-based studies and patient input to make changes to bedside reporting, elevate patient safety and improve care.
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