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Education plays a powerful role in opioid epidemic

Campaign teaches you about pain management, addiction issues and more

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Thanks to an educational grant
from Johnson & Johnson, the
“Confronting the Opioid Epidemic”
campaign offers nurses across the country access to an extensive content portfolio that can help them help patients.

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Opioid campaign
reaches far and wide

Opioid course

  • Identifying prescription drug abuse
  • Pain management and ethics
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Effective pain management best practices
  • Substance abuse and women
  • Medication nonadherence
  • Knocking out pain safely with PCA
  • Responsible opioid prescribing, chronic pain and addiction
  • Meeting pediatric patient challenges
  • Opioid use disorder and pregnancy
  • Health literacy and discharge education
  • Recognizing drug-seeking behavior
  • Evidence-based pain management today
  • Motivating patients to make lifestyle changes

Opioid education

Our dedicated clinical learning team develops custom, accredited educational activities the healthcare community needs on timely topics, such as the opioid epidemic. Through our wide network of subject matter experts, we understand what it means to work on the front lines of healthcare and carefully merge academic expertise with sensitive, compassionate care in each course. 
The portfolio consists of a combination of existing and newly developed courses that cover topics from pain management and ethics to medication nonadherence. Nurses who complete each course earn continuing education credits they can apply toward state license renewal. And the numbers speak for themselves. The campaign is making an impact on education.