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The Nurse.com Digital Editions are designed to give you the power to reach RNs with content they need - useful information, tools for their practice and nurse thought leadership in a user-friendly format. High levels of RN interest and engagement in our digital edition content ensure your advertisements are seen, and interactive ad enhancements encourage engagement with your brand and overall messaging.
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With optimization across all devices, our Nurse.com Digital Editions deliver quality content to nurses when and how they want it.
Average number of pages per RN visit: 2
23% of nurses return to read more of each guide after their first visit
Average RN reading time per visit: 2:20 minutes
65% of views are on mobile devices
Average bounce rate: 16%
National content website bounce rates are between 40% and 60%
The majority of website viewers leave a site less than 15 seconds after clicking to view it
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Discover what our award-winning guides have to offer
Align your brand with premium nurse thought leadership
Reach an active, engaged RN audience
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