How does an organic article grow?
Content is a long-term investment because organic traffic continues to grow even after the initial push campaign has ended. Let’s follow some content to see how it grows after being created.
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Everyone's buzzing about content marketing today
because conventional marketing tactics, such as obtrusive advertising and questionable sales tactics, are no longer welcome or working well.

So, why is content marketing king? It helps brands and products establish trust, credibility and authority with their target audiences by providing useful, relevant and valuable content — and it's super effective.

Content marketing produces three times more leads per dollar spent
than conventional marketing over time, according to a recent study. If you want to be able to report that ROI you need to think about content as a long-term investment because research shows it takes about three years to gain that momentum.

Three years is a long time, right? We decode the content marketing metrics that matter below so you understand what to expect and how to interpret the growth of your content marketing pieces as they ramp up to produce better results for you and your company — and, ultimately, make you look like a hero.
How many pageviews can you expect?
Our total pageviews and organic traffic metrics were sourced in Google Analytics from January 2017 to February 2018.
How old is your audience?
We reach nurses of all ages.
Our digital editions reach more seasoned nurses and our blog reaches more new nurses, according to Google Analytics.
we transform our nurse learners into your nurse leads. Find out how we can connect you with more than
2.8 million nurses.
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Decode your content marketing metrics
Find out why content is king and what you can expect after it's published
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