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DAISY meaningful recognition guide
DAISY Award says 'thank you'
Thousands of nurses honored, with more to come.
Championing nurse excellence
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
We partner with the DAISY Foundation to celebrate nurses.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Nominators are nurse fans
Support from patients, families, colleagues up the special factor.
Nurse faculty deserve praise
DAISY faculty award gives credit where credit is due.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Benefits that may surprise you
The award comes with perks for honored nurses.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Honoree goes the extra mile
RN takes patient, a Chinese farmer, under her wing.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Propel your nursing practice
Foundation supports studies that can boost your nursing practice.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
4 projects are tip of the iceberg
Funded research targets autoimmune diseases and cancer.
Apply for DAISY grants
If you're ready to do research, applying for grants is a good place.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
DAISY can help retention
Millennial nurses embrace change and meaningful recognition.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Become a 'good detective'
Learn how to develop research in a clinical setting.
continuing education catalog
Continuing education catalog
Check out these courses to develop your career.
Schools get inspired by DAISY
DAISY student and faculty awards strike a chord at schools.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Compassion focus in spotlight
Magnet and Pathway to Excellence connect with DAISY goals.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
RN stages celebrations
Honoree brings holidays to dying patient and her family.
DAISY attracts global attention
The program's international appeal is apparent.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Associations give thumbs up
Groups enthusiastically endorse recognition efforts.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
U.S. families in need of diapers
Here's how to help patients find needed resources.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Singing program's praises
The meaningful recognition is a career highlight.
Get funding for your efforts!
Program offers honorees grants to help finance medical missions.
Improve critical thinking skills
This free CE course can help you keep patients safe.
DAISY's reach stretches
An agreement with ICN means more nurses will receive the honor.

By Robert G. Hess, Jr.

DAISY meaningful recognition guide
At, we’ve always taken meaningful recognition for nurses seriously. For more than two decades we celebrated nurses like you through our annual GEM (Giving Excellence Meaning) Awards program.
Through that peer-nominated program, we shared nurses’ inspiring stories at galas across the nation in the company of their colleagues. But times change and so has our strategy to recognize the wonderful work you do every day.
DAISY meaningful recognition guide
Together we can support more nurses
We are proud and The DAISY Foundation have come together to do what we both do best: uplift nurses and the nursing profession.
It also allows us to draw attention to the merits of nurse-led research while helping nurses shape the treatment of patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases.
It allows us to continue to support meaningful recognition for nurses across the globe.
This special relationship achieves two important goals:
The DAISY Award® for Extraordinary Nurses
recognizes the impact nurses make on patients and their families every day. The program is
evidence based
and is thriving with nearly 4,000 healthcare facilities in all 50 states and 25 other countries. This guide showcases all the amazing ways DAISY reaches and celebrates those nurses. While featuring how DAISY recognizes nurses, we also are donating a portion of our revenue from this edition toward funding DAISY evidence-based practice and research projects that study cancer or autoimmune diseases.
These grants are available for nurse-led projects only, regardless of specialty
, which underscores this wonderful organization’s focus on promoting nursing excellence. With each grant ranging between $2,000 to $5,000 each, it’s the foundation’s way of giving back to further nursing science and we’re happy to contribute to their efforts. At, we have always valued education and have a
robust catalog of nursing continuing education courses
that we developed over the past 25 years. Contributing to DAISY’s grant program helps us continue to support evidenced-based nursing education in a brand-new way.
“… being a DAISY is something I will carry with me forever. It's a reminder of a standard that I have set for myself. I pray that in the Lord’s strength that is new and available every day, that standard of patient care will never be lowered ...”
— Katie Livesay, RN
My experience with the DAISY effect
DAISY Award nominations write themselves. At least that was my experience when I submitted this testimonial about Katie Livesay, a nurse who cared for my wife during her stay earlier this year at Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Fla., for a surgical procedure: “Katie personifies the ideal nurse, a role model to which we have all aspired in our professional lives. Seemingly unremarkable, she somehow knew how to take care of my wife in an expert, reassuring way without being intrusive. I knew she was always around, but never overly visible, unless she was needed. "I have many dramatic stories that I could tell from my 40 years’ experience as a nurse in the media, but this is not one of them. Instead, this is a story of quiet competence, so rare. I can still see Katie’s unfaltering, infectious smile as she took care of my wife without a hint that she had other patients to care for. She made me smile. "Katie was a busy nurse, but I’m sure that had there been an emergency, Katie would have charged in on a white horse to do battle. Thank God that wasn’t necessary. I don’t think we do enough to honor nurses who exhibit excellent practice day to day without drama and fanfare. Here is a chance to rectify that. I hope she is assigned to me if I ever need hospitalization.” Katie received the award. But by having Katie as her nurse, my wife got an award too. When I asked Katie about what the DAISY Award meant to her as a nurse, her response was simply authentic:
“The significance of receiving the DAISY Award validated that my efforts were appreciated by my peers and my superiors. Especially in regard to the superiors, it is easy to feel as though in a typical day at work a nurse can never do enough, in the realms of patient care and immaculate charting, and still clock out at the appropriate time that doesn't burden the company's budget. "So, to receive recognition from Jupiter Medical Center, I felt as though in their eyes, despite the strain I feel many days, my work was not just satisfactory, but applaudable.  "On a personal note, ‘being a DAISY’ is something I will carry with me forever. It's a reminder of a standard that I have set for myself. I pray that in the Lord’s strength that is new and available every day, that standard of patient care will never be lowered, despite any stressful or overwhelming work situation I may find myself in.” So now there’s another standard that’s obvious to me: the one that and The DAISY Foundation will set through a spectacular, ongoing partnership that celebrates and supports all things nursing.
Learn more about The DAISY Foundation's research grants
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Robert G. Hess Jr., PhD, RN, FAAN, is founder and CEO of the Forum for Shared Governance. As a presenter at professional conferences, Hess often addresses participants on how to find the right job and steps for building a successful career.
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